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Mar. 30th, 2009

My life has changed so much since this summer. For the better, for the worse, for the everything in between. I'm excited for summer again. I hate the winter and no matter how short it is, it always seems too long. I went to Puerto Rico in late January this year and that was absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, though, coming back created a pretty awful depression. I'm better now than I was, and looking forward to warmer days. I have too much in my head right now to put here, so much that I'd actually like to go back to therapy. Maybe I will expound some other time.


Hi. This is as awkward as being drunk in front of your grandmother. Hello again! How livejournal always sucks me back in is beyond me. I signed in to delete this and then saw all my friends only posts and remembered that I'm fucking hilarious when sleep deprived. So I'm back, maybe. And I can't believe I ever left.


Yo, kids!

So, I guess I got sick of livejournal.  I don't really like the whole connected to a network thing.  I'd rather you read my thoughts because you want to than because it comes up in your neat little listing of friends' posts.  I've all but stopped posting here.  If you care to read about my life, my thoughts, etc, go over to http://doxorxdie.blogspot.com

Thanks fer stoppin' by and you have a nice day! :D

Note to self:

Jul. 25th, 2008

I have a twitter: http://twitter.com/AnnieLane




amazing.  I fucking crack myself up.

Funny thought just entered my head.

If I had not already bought 10 dirt cheap disposable razors today I would think it very amusing to simply grow all hair out.  Of course, thats only in concept.  I mean, let's be honest folks, I don't even have eyebrows.
It's raining, it's pouring!
The old man is snoring!
Bumped his head,
and he went to bed,
and he couldn't get up in the mooorning!

I just went for a walk in the pouring rain.  It was the best thing I did all day.  It gave me clarity and calmness.

It's my turn now.  :)

My life in a nutshell: I HAVE $4.

I need a job. Know of anywhere that's hiring in this city? Better yet, does your job need more people? Something like 75% of all jobs are acquired through connections. I have first, last and security due in August. I am so fucked. It's also very difficult to sit a laptop on your lap and then type while laying down.


I am clean.  I wash things, but a bit of chaos keeps me sane.

This one's fer Grady...

You know. Oh fuck. I'm gonna miss this place.  I can't take any more.  The thought of coming back here, coming back to some of these people is intolerable... and yet the thought of never seeing the people I basically fucking grew up with...I CAN'T FUCKING STAND IT.  What sucks about the internet is that there's no way I can really communicate to you what I'm feeling.  I'm going to read this tomorrow and say 'jesus, i sound like a fucking moron. and a sap to boot!'  I know.  What's worse is that there's actually no way, in person or otherwise, to communicate to anyone who doesn't go here anything about this place or anything about the people here.

Here's the only thing I can say for now:
Do you generally feel like an outcast?  I mean, do you remember high school and middle school?  Middle school was hell for me.  Even high school was vaguely lame.  I came here and found a place that fulfills me more than any person ever has.  I found somewhere that I belong.  I found people that understand me on a level that no one I has ever known me.  and now I have to leave.

It's karaoke at the student center.  I'm going to get another beer and dance with a bunch of people that know nothing about me, but somehow know me better than anyone in my past ever has.

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